Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Various Abandoned Farmsteads

The main content in this post was contributed from a viewer and fellow abandoned enthusiast. All are abandoned farmsteads within the southeastern corner of Minnesota -one of the best areas to encounter such sights. I've added a few comments of my own to some of the photos in addition to the descriptions "in quotes" provided to me by the photographer. "This was an abandoned farm stead near Lanesboro, MN. It is close to the Root River and Trout Run and looks to be a victim of frequent flooding. The house is deteriorating quickly along with the barn and several farm implements on the property." These pics brought back memories of a couple of trips to far southern Minnesota where I visited the towns of Lanesboro, Preston, Harmony, Canton and more. In fact, I have a lot of good photos from that area that I will likely use for future post. This next one I think is so picturesque and really captures the essence of a prairie home. What a fantastic old tree! "This was a small home near Zumbrota, MN. The tree in front was lovely. The home sits lonely by itself, with the grass neatly trimmed, windows boarded up." The following farm house looks quite old. Houses like this with absolutely no trace of paint on the outside are among my favorite kind to come across. To me it appears that the severely sagging portion was added later to the original structure. "This house was found near Grand Meadow, MN. Obviously abandoned for many years, it sits close to several large farms and a wind farm." Lastly, this cool photo was also taken near Grand Meadow. I couldn't decide between the two photos that were sent to me. One was further away and really showed how out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere it is. I decided to post the other however because the contrast of the modern day windmills behind it was so striking. "This old well sat by itself in the middle of a bean field outside of Grand Meadow. At one time there must've been a house there, but is since long gone. This is all that remains." Thanks very much to Derik ( for the wonderful photos and text! I'm now inspired again to go through some of my previous southern MN pics and see what I can find for the Blog.

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