Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Abandoned building Lester Prairie, MN

I'm really not sure what this building was but I can't help but think it was a school of some kind. It just has that size, shape and proximity to the street. Then again looking at the windows, it could have possibly been a senior home or apartment building. Regardless, this building has always caught my attention every time we visit my wife's relatives in Lester Prairie, MN. Apart from it's massive size and peeling red paint, the most interesting part of the building is it's elegant rooftop with various sized gables facing different directions. How I'd love to explore the upper portion of this building! I can understand why the first floor windows are boarded up but not sure why they skipped the second floor in favor of the very top. Maybe those windows were already broken out? If anyone has any information about this building I'd love to hear about it. I believe it's located on either Oak or Maple Street in Lester Prairie.