Saturday, October 31, 2009

Abandoned MN launch - Happy Halloween!

Seems pretty fitting that I launch my new Blog "Abandoned MN" on Halloween night. I'll explain the purpose of this blog more later but for now here is a taste of what is to come. This is about the coolest abandoned church I've ever seen. It sits in a clearly overgrown field just north of Duluth MN along Hwy 61 and has an eerie sense about it with it's odd red colored siding and cross-less steeple built to the right side of the structure. In the back is a still intact outhouse complete with toilet seat and lid. If not for the imposing front doors with crosses for windows, one could easily mistake the place for a modest north-shore home.


  1. Wondering if it's possible to get a more exact location or directions for this? Had sent you an email, now trying a post here. Fingers crossed!

  2. Hello and thanks for the comment. I was hoping I might be able to provide you with exact coordinates but after a few years gone by I cannot seem to pin it down myself. Here's where I remember it being -and I sure hope this is close. I'm almost positive it was on the old Hwy 61 heading north out of Duluth. I believe it's not too far from "Tom's Logging Camp" which is a popular tourist destination situated right between the newer 4-lane Hwy 61 and the old 2-way Hwy 61. I've not driven on the old Hwy 61 in a few years but I think if you got on that right where it splits off of the new Hwy, you should see the church somewhere on your right side (lake side) within just a few miles or so. If you are able to find it please let me know so I can post better directions here. Assuming that the church is still there that is!

  3. I was just here a couple months ago, the building is is no where near as good condition, I was able to get in and check it out. Pretty cool stuff, terr was TONS of horse medals and stuff from compititions. It's located right down the road from Toms logging camp it's on the 'Scenic Route' now. Very cool place.